My Weekly Workout Routine

Hey everyone, I know it’s been foreverr since my last post. I’ve been extremely busy with training… this year is the first round of qualifiers for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. So I figured while I’m in training for a couple of competitions coming up, some being, Midmar Mile (the worlds’ largest participated open water event) Sanlam Cape Mile South African Snr. Open Water World … Continue reading My Weekly Workout Routine

My Favorite Pre-Workout Snacks

Hey everyone, so after I posted a couple of my favorite recovery smoothie recipes and seeing the response from it. I thought it would be fun if I also gave a few tips on what I like to eat before my swim practices and workouts. The snacks that I’ll be sharing are ones I usually eat in the afternoon. A lot of the times I’ll … Continue reading My Favorite Pre-Workout Snacks

Recovery Smoothie Recipes

Hey Guys!! 🙂 For the last couple of months I’ve been trying out different recovery drinks after my swim practices and gym workouts. And found that it really makes a difference in my performance. So I thought it would be fun if I shared a few of these recipes with you guys. I figured that whether you’re an athlete, working out to get or just … Continue reading Recovery Smoothie Recipes